What Difference Would It Make To Your Business?

  • What if there was a way to have your website on the first page of Google at the flip of a switch?

  • How would it change your day to immediately have active, hyper-targeted traffic calling YOU and not your competitors to have you solve their need?

  • How would it affect your bottom line if this brought you the greatest amount of qualified leads for the lowest monthly cost?

We Do All The Work First

You don't have to worry about SEO or writing articles or anything!

First, we get our page to rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Your Prospect Does A Search

They search and find our page listing on Google, Yahoo, and/or Bing.

They Click On Our Page One Listing And That Is When The Magic Happens!

The Prospect Arrives At Our Site

Once they click the search engine result, they are sent to our website

With Our Technology, They See Your Website Instead Of Our Web Page!

Now You Can Finally Focus On Business

No need to take your time and money finding prospects! Now they come to you!

Let us do all the work to rank in the search engines, and you benefit from the leads!

Our Offer

Our offer is actually quite simple and extremely straight forward.

We have pages in your industry that are ranking on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We rent these pages to professional companies within specific target industries.

We don’t take everyone, as we want to work with a company that will be a long-term client of ours. We need to ensure that our interests and motivations are in-line.  Additionally, we need to ensure that your company prioritizes customer service and that you have a good reputation in your respective marketplace.

  • If all of those things align, there is a pre-determined monthly price that you will pay to rent a page that we are already ranking within Google, Yahoo or Bing. This is a flat rate and there will not be any additional costs associated with renting this page. The price is clearly listed on each page.

  • When a visitor does a search in one of these search engines, they see our page listing. When they click and reach our page, they will see YOUR WEBSITE rather than ours. The visitor will be able to browse your entire website as if they were actually sent to your website rather than ours.

  • You will receive 100% of the website traffic that comes to that page, and we have identified the approximate number of people that will visit that page on a monthly basis.

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